dinsdag 3 maart 2015


Hi everyone

I'd like to introduce you guys to someone. And no loves, I'm not in love.. but I still have some good news to tell you all!
Oris.. Swiss made watches.. likes to introduce you to the Tycho Brahe Limited Edition watch (only 500 pieces)! You're probably wondering what the fuss is all about because, it's not the only limited thing on the planet (obviously). Well, this watch -which is inspired on the findings of nobleman and astronomer- Tycho Brahe, has a beyond imagination Pointer Moon function which is pretty rare for these watches, and of course perfectly fits his name! Who else told us that the moon and the sun were travelling around the earth? (No joke! That's what Tycho's work was all about) This moon pointer though, will show you the lunar cycle during the month. That's something to be pretty excited about, isn't it? Now you'll finally be able to find your moon and act like the wolve you are! So.. maybe I lied. I am in love (with these watches of course)..

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  1. This watch is awesome! Pity that there are only 500 pieces. The moon function is incredible! I want one :p