zaterdag 28 februari 2015

Grand VIP opening MOJO, what else?

Hi everyone

About a month ago, the lovely D'Offis has started a great new concept in collaboration with soccer-player Roel Van Hemert. You're probably wondering what concept I'm talking about. Well.. it's a lovely dancing-diner. What's a dancing-diner you'd might ask yourself? Well, first you can enjoy some lovely live music from an (un)known special artist together with astonishing food and amazingly friendly people. How I know? I've seen it with my own eyes at their Grand VIP opening. Let me just say, it's such a nice concept.. And really an amazing idea if you'd like to have a relaxing evening where you can meet up with some friends! Trust me, D'Offis new concept MOJO Antwerp was A BLAST!

If you'd like to see what was going on at the first edition.. take a little sneak peak inside:

Soooo.. Be sure to tune in next edition! I know I will!

(Made possible by MaisonPR and D'Offis Antwerp)

Warm regards


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