maandag 22 juli 2013

Crazy busy Istanbul

Hi everyone

After an amazing evening on the boat, we woke up in Istanbul at the morning. I was pretty amazed by the big mosques and the size of the great Istanbul. Did you know it has about 13.000.000 inhabitants and 27 district? To give a comparison: there are 'only' about 11.000.000 people who live in Belgium! So, you could say I was a little shocked. Because I was only in Istanbul for one day, I didn't had the chance to explore it as I should've.. but it still impressed me pretty much. Here you can see some pictures of the trip and my outfit of that day:

Jumpsuit: Unknown
Belt: Accessorize 
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Unknown
Sunglasses: Market in Italy

Warm regards


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