dinsdag 25 juni 2013

My scene #2

Hi everyone

Like some of you might already know: I'm beside a student and a a girl who blogs also a model at the agency IMM Bruxelles. Sometimes you'll be seeing some of my modeling work on my blog. So, here's my second post about modeling. Although I had examinations, I've also been able to do the fashion show of the Royal Academy in Antwerp. It was amazing! I've been able to do the show for a few years now, but really.. WAUW! It was the 50th anniversary of the academy (happy birthday to you!).. and the judges were, for the very first time ever, the Antwerp Six. Not only was I blown away by the amazing outfits and all the international people who came to Antwerp.. I was also blown away by their catwalk: it looked like lighting. Pretty cool though. But, it was also cool to find out that there's a picture of me, during the fashion show, on the website of The New York Times. You can say that I was honored to be in the show and could wear about eight different outfits of eight amazing designers. Anyhow.. Here you can see a few pictures of me during the show. Hope you'll enjoy watching them:

Picture: Pieter De Smedt-Jans
Designer: Anna Kaschel

Picture: Pieter De Smedt-Jans
Designer: Anna Kaschel

Left picture:
Picture: Pieter De Smedt-Jans
Designer: Minju Kim

Right picture:

Picture: Robby Brouwers

Designer: Marthe De Buck

Picture by the model Yuri Kasé taken at the backstage of the fashion show.

A printscreen of the upcoming video of the fashionshow. You'll be able to see it here in a few weeks!

Last, but not least, you can see a little movie of the backstage at the fashion show on VIMEO SHOW2013 BACKSTAGE (and yes, you can see me too). Enjoy!

Warm regards


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